O m k i the oriental medical books and illustrations by Veet Allan © 2011 Veet Allan New Wallcharts promo poster Cover image  Four full colour Shiatsu wallcharts depicting the ancient mianyang vessels, classical acupuncture meridians, zen meridians and primordial-source vessels respectively. Anatomical model and fetus from the ‘Clouds and Rain’ book and original sketches for the bestselling ‘Ocean of Streams’ book. Hi, Books and charts can now be bought here via The Omki-Shop. Four new full colour wall-charts from my Shiatsu study series have just been published. Each chart is highly detailed and all are presently available  as A2 (59.4cm x 42cm) digital prints on semi-gloss laminated 200gsm paper. Good vibes, Veet Allan april 12, 2011